lamp shades
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L 014
h 18 cm, diameter 55 cm
iron wire, fibreglass plastic, silicon
for every bulb(on the photo: 100W) and socket                                      750,-

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L 025
h 23 cm, diameter 49 cm
iron wire, fibreglass plastic (partly two layers), paint: coloured silicon
for every bulb and socket                                                                     500,-

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L 016 (design)
total height 144cm, shade: h 24, diameter 40 cm
wooden leg, shade: iron wire, plastic (assemblage)
for every bulb, socket E27                                   without/with leg: 500/600,-

1306104202-thumb1.jpg         1306104202-thumb2.jpg         1306104202-thumb3.jpg        
L 022
h 31cm, diameter 49,5 cm
iron wire, fibreglass plastic, coloured silicon
for every bulb and socket                                                                   500,-

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L 023
h 25,5 cm, diameter 79 cm
iron wire, fibreglass plastic (lightly matt)
for every bulb and socket (on the photo: 100W)                                    700,-

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h 25 cm, diameter 72 cm
iron wire, processed transparent paper, small rests of orange coloured newspaper, glue
for every bulb (100W on the photo) and socket                                      750,-

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